Cycle your Way to Good Health and Well-being

Cycling is excellent for your heart health, muscles, immune system, and many more. To help you get started, we have gathered tips just for you. Read more if you want to give indoor cycling a spin!


You can gain numerous benefits from cycling, particularly indoor cycling. If you want a blood-pumping cardio exercise that can lead to weight loss and other health benefits with low injury risk and exert minimal impact on your joints, this workout is perfect for you. 


Cycling will help you maintain or lose weight, depending on your fitness goal; either way, it still works on any fitness level. You may also add resistance to the building of muscle mass. Not just that, it also helps develop cardiovascular endurance, increases aerobic capacity, and improves your overall mood. 


Now, the real question is: How do you get started so you can now reap its health benefits? Below are the ones you should consider before taking a spin. 


  1. Choose your bike wisely

Clearly, you have to choose a top-quality bike to get you started with your fitness journey. Here are some of our options for you:



Timesports' Magnetic Spin Bike contains properties that give you a smooth-sailing ride. It has adjustable non-slip cage pedals that provide comfort throughout the whole duration of your workout. 


If you are looking for an excellent set of broad and supportive pedals, this bike is perfect for you. On top of that, its adjustable tension control gives you easy and reliable changes to your resistance level whenever you want to take it up a notch.


If you want to create a workout plan that involves various drills, you may choose this bike for its multifunction features: seated orbitrack with twister, 2 pairs of dumbbells, jogging, stepper, cycling, and twisting.


Exerbike's has features that are suitable for all body types, such as the adjustable seat and resistance. Whatever fitness level you choose, this bike is just right for you. You may also track your progress through its easy-to-read LCD display panel that shows your distance, calories burned, and time. 


You may get these exercise bikes from Sportshouse, or you may check out our website for your reference. 


Remember, it's essential to choose the right equipment suitable for your fitness goal. Luckily, all our pieces of equipment are high standards and beneficial. They all enhance cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, tones muscles, and the like.


  1. Gear yourself up

Now that you've chosen the perfect bike, it's time to get geared up. After all, safety should be your top priority for injury prevention. Luckily, we offer support gear as well.



This high-quality pair of workout gloves protect your hands during your cycling session. It also has a non-slip padded palm for stronger grips.


Repeated bending of the knee during cycling may lead to muscle imbalance thus it is necessary to use protection and support for them, and Outdoor Avenue's Padded Knee Support will be perfect for the job. 


Your elbows absorb impact whenever you take a spin. It gets transmitted up the bike frame into your hands, wrists, and elbows. With this, Outdoor Avenue's Elbow Support will protect you from injury.


  1. Create a workout plan

Creating a workout plan is the key to keeping you in a steady rhythm and staying on track. For instance, interval training is the best way to develop your stamina. When you use interval training as your workout, you determine your pace based on either intense effort or recovery. You may also do longer rides for your endurance. And if you want, you can do both while lifting weights.


  1. Have fun!

And lastly, always remember to enjoy the ride. Don't forget to love the process as well as you love achieving your goals. 


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